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Kate Reid

The Most Popular Hair Colors of Spring 2019, According to Top Colorists

If a major cut isn't the spring hair change you had in mind, a new hair color is another option. Just like blunt bobscurtain bangs, and shag haircuts are the current "it" styles, every season has its hot hair colors, too.

As for what hair color you should try for spring 2019, there are a few important factors to keep in mind: Your hair's health, current base color, and how much maintenance you're willing to put in to maintain it. 

Still can't narrow down your choices? We turned to top colorists to find out this season's biggest hair color trends based on what shades have been the most popular among their clients. 

From deep chocolate brown, sunkissed strawberry, to subtle reflective highlights, this season's color trends cover all the bases, whether you're looking to go from brunette to blonde or simply want to warm up your current shade for spring. 

Ahead, all the hair color inspiration you need for spring 2019. 

Pastel Pink 

With pink hair, haivng a rosy outlook takes on a whole other meaning. Kate Reid, COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY design director, says that bubblegum pink hair like Maisie Williams's, along with other pastel shades like jade and peppermint, are only going to get bigger and bigger this season.

While you can expect a pink shade like the Game of Throne star's to last for around four weeks, Reid suggests treating your hair with a conditioning color gloss like one from KEVIN.MURPHY's COLOURING.ANGELS line to keep the color bright and balanced.


Kate Reid

"Sweetheart" Hair Is the Dreamiest Color For February

Valentine's Day date? Nah, we've found a dreamy hair color that'll make you want to skip the dinner on Feb. 14 and opt for a day at the salon instead. Introducing "sweetheart" hair: the adorable hair trend that features shades of pink with swirls of purple and gold, and it's as romantic as it is fun. Plus, since the candy love hearts aren't available this year, sweetheart hair is the next best thing to satisfy your craving.

The color was created by Kate Reid, the design director for Color Me by Kevin Murphy, as an intense rose-pink shade that works with both cool and warm skin tones. Just like Valentine's Day and candy hearts, you can tailor a "call me" or "kiss me" hue just how you like it.

Whether you want a short and sweet duration of pink dye or want the color to last until Spring and beyond, "sweetheart" hair is easy to tailor to your lifestyle. Reid suggested that if you want your hair to last for February and beyond, adding the Kevin Murphy Colouring Angels is like adding lip gloss to the hair; it adds shine and maintains tone.