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Kate Reid

“Sunshine can absolutely affect your hair color," says master colorist and hair color educator, Kate Reid. "UV rays can create porosity in your hair, which in turn means that your color will fade faster than it would normally." Additionally, Reid explains, the sun can enhance warm tones in your hair. Translation: catching some rays can thwart efforts to maintain a cool, ashy hue — if that's the look you're going for.

Christine Thompson, Color Director and Co Founder of Spoke and Weal, agrees. "UV rays will break down the elasticity of the hair and can fade hair color at a much more accelerated rate," she says, adding that it's crucial to take extra care when you're exposing your hair to prolonged sun exposure. "Hats and scarves are one way to protect the hair," she suggests. Additionally, she recommends using product that contain ample sun protection (her fave: the Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil, $29).

Turning FANTASY into FASHION @bangstyle

Kate Reid

In this collection, COLOR.ME Design Director and Education Manager Kate Reid is giving us all a bit of colour envy! Whether you're looking for a new shade or simply a little inspiration she's talking to us about how to translate your favourite fantasy colors into fashion shades. 

This year, the dimension of colour whether it’s blonde, pastel or apricot is the biggest evolution we’re seeing in hair colour. Clients are inspired by the rainbow hair trend, but the unicorn look might not be for everyone. So, the question is: How do we keep fast fashion sophisticated yet stylish and fun? The answer is: by layering colours that are very close in tone and depth such as black, blue and green; blonde, apricot and coral; and lastly ash, silver, and violet. These colour families all work in harmony while keeping the palette refined.

This type of colour is low-maintenance but does take a great colour line to execute it well. In the collection, I’ve chosen to work with COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY because the shine is like no other and being ammonia free is a high-priority. To finish these gorgeous colours, I worked with Richard Mannah to execute the haircut and styling aspect. Keep reading to hear all about the process that went into each look!


Kate Reid

Educating is a lot of fun; it gives you opportunity’s to see the world while working in a creative industry. I have always found education so rewarding. Having to be practical, logical, fashion-forward plus engaging in everything we teach. It is a huge amount of work staying relative and ahead of the curve, BUT to be excellent at anything takes discipline, drive, commitment, patience, and most of all confidence that can be knocked constantly when you put yourself in the line of fire. Teaching keeps me on my toes in a constant state of exploration

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Kate Reid

Dimensional color is the biggest evolution in hair color this year. Clients everywhere are inspired by the rainbow hair trend, BUT at the same time they don’t want to look like a unicorn. So, the question is: How do we keep fast fashion sophisticated, stylish, but fun?

COLOR.ME Design and Education Director Kate Reid recommends layering colors that are very close in tone and depth, like black, blue and green. Or, try layering blonde hair with apricot and coral or ashy hair with silver and violet. "It's important to make sure all the colors are working in harmony but keep the palette refined," she says. 

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Kate Reid

The Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy Team Reveals This Season's In-Demand Shades

by Alyson Osterman-Kerr

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 4:41 pm

For the Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy team members, their latest collaboration, Art School, represents a return to artisan values or the idea of handmade art—all of which is reflected in the models’ hair color. “Art School masters the art of basic form and understanding—shades, formulating, technique and application—to create every look,” shares Color.Me design director Kate Reid. “This shoot made me re-evaluate all my color knowledge and bring it back to bold and clean shades, along with pure tones that evoke a sense of innocence and exploration. Kevin [Murphy] always brings ideas that I love, and we map it all out with a beautiful fashion twist to boot.”

Look: Tweed To create the appearance of rough woven texture, color the hair a bit deeper at the new growth and lighter at the roots and ends, with highlights placed on top. Tone to refine. Use theColor.Me Finishing Regimen after each color application. “We enhanced the texture of the hair through color by mixing shades to create a tweed-like piece of fabric: unique and individual, with a woolen texture that is soft to the touch and flexible in movement,” says Kate Reid. “The hair can be worn any way without seeing harsh or obvious lines.”

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Rosé Hair Is Taking Over Summer 2018

Kate Reid

“The plays of pastels has made a full circle, and pink seems to be the stable one. It’s easy to wear, fades well, and seems to be a low commitment shade,” says Kate Reid, Design Director of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY. “Pink in hair works best when it feels organic, even understated.”

It’s not one-size-fits-all, either. Depending on your base color, you can find the right rosé rendition for you. Brunettes can join in with deeper rosy hues, while light blondes can sink into peach tints. And when in doubt, follow your skin tone.

KEVIN.MURPHY Design and Education Director, Kate Reid, Wins Excellence Award

Kate Reid
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International hair care phenomenon, KEVIN.MURPHY, returned to the brand’s Australian roots to launch COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, the brand’s hair color range for salons, stylists, and their clients. The launch event took place hot on the heels of a hugely successful COLOR.ME runway show held at Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA), where COLOR.ME Design and Education Director, Kate Reid, was honored with the Excellence in Education Award.

The AHFA is Australia’s largest and most successful independent hairdressing awards program. The program has been growing steadily each year, and now attracts hundreds of entries from salons and individuals across Australia. Judged by a panel of international industry professionals, the win was a true testament to the incredible work Kate Reid has done with the COLOR.ME brand.

“Winning the award is such a celebration of my past four intense years,” said Reid. “It’s a privilege and helps to know my commitment and approach to a new way of education strategy has made an impact in the industry. It’s a real honor and makes me so proud of the whole team that has helped to achieve so much.”

Following the excitement of such a prestigious award, it was the perfect time to introduce Australia to COLOR.ME. Held at Edwards and Co. flagship salon in Sydney, Kevin Murphy, Kate Reid and COLOR.ME Australia ambassador, Jaye Edwards introduced the brand to guests and presented the line’s full color capabilities.