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Kate Reid

"Tinsel" Hair Is the Hottest Holiday Trend — and No, It's Not Tacky in the Slightest

Tinsel hair is here, and it's as stylish as it is fun. No, it doesn't involve adding actual tinsel to your hair, so before you roll your eyes at another impossible-to-wear hair color trend, let us explain. 

The color mimics the effect of ice by using thin strips of sparkling shades to create a supershiny finish. The fun trend was created by Kate Reid, the global design director for Color.Me by Kevin Murphy, and she gave us the scoop on the subtly festive hue that "embodies sparkle and shine in every way." She said the tinsel trend is perfect for blondes, as it really enhances the shade. But how does this differ from dip dye? Reid explained: "Dip dye and ombré is where the color is positioned," whereas tinsel hair is much more about the reflective sparkle left. "I like to merge shades and place them anywhere in the hair that embraces and enhances natural shine and highlights."

If you're intrigued to try this at your next salon appointment, Reid suggests asking for "a reflective color that enhances the light and gives your hair more natural shine," as well as incorporating a metallic tone. And if you want to maintain the color at home, Kevin Murphy Coloring Angels refresh, enhance shine, and give the hair a glossy finish. 

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Kate Reid

Modern techniques have made it so that you can dye your hair and achieve pretty much any color, design, or finish you want. From rainbow prism hair to locks that glitter, seemingly nothing is off-limits. Which is why this 2018 tinsel hair color trend, which might actually be prettier than a fully trimmed tree, doesn't necessarily come as a surprise, but is a welcomed gift all the same. 

If you're looking for a hair color that feels seasonally festive you really don't have to look far. From cranberry red to flannel hair (yes, really), hues that reference this time of the year are pretty abundant, all things considered. But tinsel hair? It boasts something a little special. Just the mere mentioning of the holiday décor favorite brings a certain glittery magic to mind. It's a color that feels extra fresh and playfully festive and and way more rare than any other cleverly named variation of red or brown or blonde out there, so if you're looking for a holiday look that really rocks, you might have just found it.

Created by Kate Reid, expert hair colorist and COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHYDesign Director, the hue boasts that same icy shimmer as tinsel and has a similarly silver quality. It's got that ever-changing finish that you can't put your finger on or accurately describe and looks like something straight out of Narnia. In short, it rocks.


Kate Reid

We’re beyond excited to open the doors to our very first KEVIN.MURPHY Academy in Paris, France! Our new Academy is every stylist and colourist’s dream destination to expand their knowledge, creativity and growth in their careers.

During the grand opening event, hundreds of attendees, including top tier media and the KEVIN.MURPHY network, were treated to an up-close experience of our ART.SCHOOL campaign-inspired colour, cut, and styling by our international team of artists including Kevin Murphy, COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid, COLOR.MASTER Iggy Popovic, STYLE.MASTER Paz Bamrolia, and international artist Koh. Our models were dressed head to toe in beautiful dresses created by Nevenka Melbourne, and showcased various styles with hair colour ranging from rose gold to denim blue, which were then adorned in scarves, lace, and the like.


Kate Reid

This year’s KEVIN.MURPHY FUTURE.LOVE show was all about “progression rather than innovation.” As a large source of inspiration for the seasons ahead, trends seen here gave stylists tips and tricks for going outside of the box and creating new innovations on the heels of their past endeavors. One of the looks that stood out was DESIGN.DIRECTOR for COLOR.MEKate Reid’s Icy Pastel transformation. Taking her model from a deep brunette to a stunning icy masterpiece all while keeping the integrity of the hair intact.