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Bringing to life the Pantone color of the year, a multi-dimensional Kevin Murphy blonde features playfully placed green tones for a uniquely eccentric yet feminine, finish.

Formula & Application:
Natural level 7

Formula 1: Cream.lightener with 80 g 20-volume Cream.activator (6%)
Formula 2: 60 g Color.Me 9.1 + 12 g soft.violet with 90 g 10-volume Cream.activator (3%)
Formula 3: 90 g 11.0 + 10g Green.booster with 135 g 10-volume Cream.activator (1%)

1. Using Formula 1 in a global application, pre-lighten all the hair to lightest blonde. Process 50 minutes. Then cleanse and apply a leave-in treatment before drying completely.
2. Apply Formula 2 to the new growth.
3. Apply Formula 3 from the stopping point of Formula 2 to ends. Process simultaneously for 25 minutes.

Color: Kate Reid
Style: Wade Blackford
Photographer: Luis Murphy
Makeup: Kenneth Higgins

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Kate Reid Design Director at COLOR.ME by Kevin Murphy

Kate Reid

As one of the driving forces behind the COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY brand, Design Director and Director of Education North America, Kate Reid eats, sleeps and breathes all things colour. We caught up with Kate to get to know how she got her start in the professional beauty industry, what keeps her inspired, current colour obsessions and more!


TutorialsKate Reid

Everyone know’s that a good dye job can really make or break a look. So many celebrities have completely elevated their careers with a hair color makeover — and behind those trends are the celebrity colorists who have an eye for how to change up a look and maintain it.

Kate Reid, the director of color at KEVIN.MURPHY, gives us the answers to everything we’ve always wanted to know about how celebrities get that eternally shiny hair and what colors are going to be a hit this season. She also walks us through KEVIN.MURPHY’s environmentally friendly line and why we need to go natural to get the best color. Check it out below!


Kate Reid

The moment you realize you should have consulted a professional before turning your fingers bright orange with self-tanner or plucking your brows a hair too thin might feel like the end of the world, but a temporary setback does not a DIY beauty horror story make. Developing severe chemical burns on your scalp from at-home bleaching gone awry, however? Well, that fiasco certainly fits the bill.

Inspired by the trendy “unicorn” hair-colorcraze we’re seeing everywhere these days, Kirsty Weston, a 29-year-old mother from Hertfordshire, England, purchased an inexpensive box of high-strength powder bleachfrom a local shop to lighten up her dark brown hair. The Daily Mail reports that, despite her claims that she followed the exact instructions given on the package, Weston started to experience a severe burning sensation just minutes after applying the bleach.


Kate Reid

KEVIN.MURPHY announces the launch of the COLOR.ME Fall Trend Collection Kits featuring two of the most popular looks from the recent PUNK.LINE campaign.

Available beginning September 2017, the Fall Trend Collection Kit has everything a stylist needs to recreate the HONEY.MELT and DUSK looks, including both colour and styling tools.

HONEY.MELT: Discover free-flowing, seamless colour with HONEY.MELT, an irresistible blend of natural colour variations and texture. Kate Reid, Design Director of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, states, “Balayage is the fasting growing service in salons and clients are consistently requesting it. FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER is my go-to for all types of freehand painting, like the one featured in this look.”