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Kate Reid

The moment you realize you should have consulted a professional before turning your fingers bright orange with self-tanner or plucking your brows a hair too thin might feel like the end of the world, but a temporary setback does not a DIY beauty horror story make. Developing severe chemical burns on your scalp from at-home bleaching gone awry, however? Well, that fiasco certainly fits the bill.

Inspired by the trendy “unicorn” hair-colorcraze we’re seeing everywhere these days, Kirsty Weston, a 29-year-old mother from Hertfordshire, England, purchased an inexpensive box of high-strength powder bleachfrom a local shop to lighten up her dark brown hair. The Daily Mail reports that, despite her claims that she followed the exact instructions given on the package, Weston started to experience a severe burning sensation just minutes after applying the bleach.


Kate Reid

KEVIN.MURPHY announces the launch of the COLOR.ME Fall Trend Collection Kits featuring two of the most popular looks from the recent PUNK.LINE campaign.

Available beginning September 2017, the Fall Trend Collection Kit has everything a stylist needs to recreate the HONEY.MELT and DUSK looks, including both colour and styling tools.

HONEY.MELT: Discover free-flowing, seamless colour with HONEY.MELT, an irresistible blend of natural colour variations and texture. Kate Reid, Design Director of COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY, states, “Balayage is the fasting growing service in salons and clients are consistently requesting it. FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER is my go-to for all types of freehand painting, like the one featured in this look.”


Kate Reid

Our creative team of CUT, COLOUR and STYLE converged in Seattle this month to support Salon Services & Supplies during their Trifecta 2017 show. MASTERS Massimo Morello, Kate Reid, Tim McClean, Sarah Lund, Courtney Cochran, Marsha Moran, Tim Abney and David Cruz showcased the DNA of KEVIN.MURPHY on stage, along with support of our KEY team including Emily Taylor, Brandi Holdaway, Brooke Bernard, Alberto Ruiz, Carmen Waltz, Lilli Loeffler and Mark Clayton. The team demonstrated live colouring, cutting and styling on stage with a deep dive into the culture of KEVIN.MURPHY through looks featured in our CUT.ME-COLOR.ME-DOO.ME classes.


Kate Reid

From frapps to delectable desserts, the unicorn trend has managed to find its way into every corner of our lives…including hair! Celebs including Hilary Duff, Poppy Delevingne, and even Lauren Conrad have been spotted rocking this rainbow hair trend and for good reason — it adds a fun pop of color and looks amazing in photos.

But as much as we love living out our unicorn fantasies, there’s a price to pay whenever your hair goes through a major color change. That’s why we asked expert hair colorist Kate Reid, the Director of Color at KEVIN.MURPHY, to provide tips on how to keep locks happy and healthy while sporting the colorful hair trend (this applies to ombré and balayage, too!).


Kate Reid

Like many things, crazy colored hair can often looks better on Instagram than IRL.

It’s easy to hide a fading dye-job with an Insta filter, or take a far away pic that doesn’t show how damaged your ends are. Not to mention that so many Instagram stars can afford a zillion pairs of extensions and wigs and some don’t even touch their natural hair.

If you’re craving some rainbow mane or pink ombré IRL, it’s going to take a lot more time and effort. Like, even more time than it takes your fave influencer to Facetune her pics. Take these tips from KEVIN.MURPHY’s COLOR.ME Design Director Kate Reid to heart – or, to head.